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A leading Energy Hub



Halfway between Casablanca and Rabat, Mohammedia is an ideal attracting point due to its industrial dedication acquired throughout several years. Supported by its oil shipping port and high-standard infrastructure, Mohammedia ensures balance between living quality and economic competitiveness.





Historical Overview

Economic Assets



→ 1st oil hub of Morocco (concentration of most oil plants in the country)

The port ensures about 95% of hydrocarbon national imports

Dominance of chemistry and para-chemistry fields

 Different manufacturing industries : electric and electronic, mechanics and metallurgy, textile and leather, food industry

 Different industrial zones stretching over a total area of 800 ha: Mohammedia industrial zones in the South West, Zenata, Echellalate, Bled Solb industrial park







 Strategic position being at the intersection point of national axes

→ Zenata Grand Logistic Zone: location area planned over 323 ha within the framework of the national plan of Logistic Zones



Beaches stretching over 10 km of the Atlantic coastline: Sablettes, Monica, Yasmine, Mannesmann Center, Ouled Hamimoun, Grand Zenata, Minor Zenata, Paloma

Forests: more than 630 ha planted with eucalyptus, pine trees, wild olive trees and samphire

Sport facilities: Mohammedia Royal Golf Course, Lalla Soukaina Royal Equestrian Club, etc.





→ Arable area stretching over 17 000 ha

→ Wide range of cultivations : cereals, legumes, Market gardening

→ Large scale of animal husbandry: sheep, cattle and caprine



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