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10 Reasons to Invest in Casablanca-Settat

Gate to Africa

A Geostrategic Position

Close to Europe and the USA, open to the Atlantic Ocean and servicing the whole African continent, Casabanca-Settat Region is located at a few flying hours from main world capitals, thus providing access to a market exceeding one billion consumers across the Globe.

Paris (3 hours), Dakar (3 hours), New York (7 hours), Shanghai (14 hours) et Tel Aviv (6 hours)

  • Paris 3 h.
  • New York 7 h.
  • Tel Aviv 6 h.
  • Dakar 3 h.
  • Shanghai 14 h.

An African Investment Champion

Casablanca, Morocco's modern and vibrating economic capital, is also an archetypal investment hub in Africa, hence the massive investment in the Region in many strategic sectors boosting the whole continent.

  • OICTO1

    The Best Place “To Do Business” In North Africa
    Doing Business survey 2020

  • *

    The 7th Best City for Startups in MENA Region  

    Sortlist 2022

  • *

    The Best Financial Hub in Africa 

    Global Financial Centers Index 2023

  • OICTO1

    The 4th Top Business City in Africa  

    Statista 2022 

  • *

    The 8th Wealthiest City in Africa  

    Africa Wealth Report 2022 

  • *

    The 3rd Startup Hub in MENA Region          
    Startup Genome 2022 

  • OICTO1

    The 2nd FDI Issuer in Africa

    The State of African Cities 2018

  • C

    The 3rd Best City in Africa For “Digital Nomads”

    Commercial Search 2023

  • B

    The 4th Best African City To invest, live, work and study

    Brand’s Finance City Index 2023

Flagship of National Economy

As the breathing lungs of the Moroccan economy and a main financial venue, Casablanca-Settat contributes annually to the third of national wealth creation. It also accommodates a considerable concentration of headquarters of national and international enterprises.

Outstanding Sectorial Performance

Casablanca-Settat Region Contribution to Sectorial GDPs in 2021



An Archetypal Entrepreneurial Hub

  • 1  

    1st Foreign direct investment hub in Morocco

  • 1

    1st Pole of public national investments

  • 1

    1st Region in terms of enterprise creation in Morocco


A Region Anchored in Global Value Chains

Due to its strong role as catalyst of the national economy, Casablanca-Settat Region accommodates many sectorial business ecosystems that strengthen its activities and integration in Global Value Chains (GVC).

  • 1st Aeronautic Production Pole in Morocco

    85% of the national aeronautic industry 

  • 1st Pharmaceutical Production Pole in Morocco

    87% of pharmaceutical enterprises

  • Casablanca Finance City, 1st Financial Center in Africa

    Regional platform with 200+ installed enterprises

  • Casanearshore Park, 1st Outsourcing Pole in North Africa

    A hub housing 100+ enterprises of ITO & BPO 

  • *

    3rd Car Production Pole in Morocco

    Broad network of world-class suppliers


1st Financial Hub in Africa

Casablanca-Settat Region has known a considerable financial boom by establishing the Casablanca Finance City, first financial center of the entire African continent. This Region has also pooled in most banking and insurance activities of the Kingdom.




  • Casablanca Finance City 

    1st Financial Center in Africa, 3rd in MENA and 54th worldwide

    Attractive offer: easy Doing Business, access to a community of active members, access to relevant information about Africa, etc.

    Infrastructure combining elegance, technical and environmental performance

    A community including more than 200 national and multinational operators

  • Banking System

    7 banks among the Top 20 of Africa

    Strong banking system comprising over 90 establishments

    30% of the Kingdom's banking network

    About 90% of the banking activity concentrated in Casablanca

  • Insurance

    2nd market in Africa and 3rd in the Arab world in terms of Insurance premium volume

    A pooling that accommodates main insurance company headquarters operating in Morocco

    Third of total accredited insurance brokers in the Kingdom

  • Casablanca Stock Exchange

    Ranked among most performing Stock Exchanges in the Arab world

    Attractive offer designed for SMEs inciting them to apply for listing (Good Governance Label, tax exemption, etc.)

Real Property Abundant in Opportunities

As Morocco's first industrial platform, Casablanca-Settat Region avails itself of many logistic platforms as well as a comprehensive offer of office real estate.

1st Industrial Hub in Morocco

Powered by a long industrial history, Casablanca-Settat Region has been investing itself heart and soul, during the last decades, by building many industrial zones and new-generation parks with a view to keeping up with its economic development.

  • 6000 ha, being 1/3 of total national industrial zones

    1500 ha designed for new industrial platforms on the medium term

  • 53 zones and industrial parks

    Many rehabilitation/extension projects of these zones are in prospect in order to meet the growing needs in industrial real estate

  • Zones established effectively in all counties and provinces 


Logistic Offer in Full Expansion

  • A sector in full expansion in the region

  • Available stock of 1 million m2 as logistics areas

  • Activities that benefit from the multimodality of communication facilities of the Region

  • Important investment transactions by public and private operators during the last decade

Competitive Offer of Office Real Estate

Office Premises Offer

Boosting offer especially in Casablanca attaining 1.86 million m² at the end of 2020

An offer significantly competitive compared to many African cities

Retail Premises Offer

Important growing offers of retail stores during the last decade

Total available areas in Casablanca: estimated at about 275.000 m² at the end of 2020

Offers are structured around malls


Strengthened Multimodal Connectivity

Located at the meeting point of major communication facilities, Casablanca-Settat Region not only links the country’s North and South but also Morocco with the World's main economic capitals by land, sea and air.

  • Railway Network


    1st high speed line (LGV) in Africa connecting Casablanca to Tangier, operational since 2018

    Links with almost all the Kingdom Northern, Southern and Eastern cities

  • Road & Highway Network

    Largest road network in Morocco: 796 km national roads and 427 km highways

    40 % of national traffic

    Modern, Integrated and multimodal network

  • Airport Network

    Mohammed V Airport, largest airport in Morocco and 4th in Africa

    2 medium-size airports mainly handling private and regional flights

  • Port Network 

    Jorf Lasfar Port, largest ore carrier port in Africa

    Casablanca Port, 2nd largest port in Morocco extending over 450 ha

    Mohammedia Port, specialized in hydrocarbon traffic

    El Jadida Port, specialized in sea wealth transit

  • Tramway


    A project within the framework of a sustainable and integrated mobility policy for Casablanca, operational since 2012

    Expansion planned for 2024 including new 3rd and 4th lines extending over 26 km

Digitization for Investment

In order to ease and digitalize administrative procedures with regard to investment, various digital platforms were launched at both Regional and National levels, contributing to a noteworthy business climate improvement.

A paperwork-free platform that enables end-to-end processing of administrative procedures related to investment and processed through the Unified Regional Investment Committees (URIC).

Information website to request for and obtain urbanism data notes.

An electronic one-stop shop dedicated to foreign trade-related procedures, aiming to reduce costs and deadlines of commercial and logistic transactions.

Enjoying the 16th position at the 2020 World Bank "Doing Business" for "Construction Permit Deadline Delivery", this platform manages obtention of all commercial, economic and urbanism authorizations.

Enjoying the 34th position at the "2020 Doing Business" for "connectivity time to the Power Grid", this platform handles requests for connectivity to the Power Grid, sanitation and drinking water networks.

Growing and Sustainable Urbanization

While in full expansion, Casablanca-Settat Region will be endowed, in the medium term, with promising new cities able to accommodate about 1 million inhabitants. These modern and eco-friendly 2.0 cities can grant not only a pleasant living environment but also integrated spaces, where care for social mix and environment safeguard meet.

  • ANFA New City

    A multipurpose urban project characterized by a balanced configuration with its economic heart that accommodates the Casablanca Financial City (CFC).

    350 ha Casablanca 100 000

    A new balanced compound encompassing activities, equipment, entertainment and multistyle housing, aiming for social mix and respecting circular economy principles.

    1292 ha 20 km off Casablanca 300 000
  • ZENATA New City

    An eco-city offering an innovative pattern through innovative conception techniques especially in urban planning matters mingled with constant concern for environment safeguard.

    1830 ha Between Casablanca & Mohammedia 300 000
  • Victoria Quarter, Bouskoura

    A new urban landmark designed in a natural living environment, nearby multi-activity centres and tending toward social mix and sustainable development.

    250 ha Bouskoura 150 000
  • MAZAGAN New Urban Pole

    A model urban zone placing bet on eco-urbanism and proposing an innovative educational and cultural offer thanks to an academic pole with international standards.

    1300 ha Between El Jadida & Azemmour 134 000

Young and Qualified Population

A Breeding Ground of Human Resources

As a real human resource pole, Casablanca-Settat is the most populated Region of Morocco endowed with a qualified population and an increasing young participation, males and females, in the labour market.

  • 6.8 Million Inhabitants

  • 63% Active Population

  • +8 Million inhabitants by 2030

  • 28.4% Female Activity Rate

  • 47% Activity Rate

  • 50% Aged below 30

A multidisciplinary training offer

Thanks to its universities and training institutes, Casablanca-Settat Region has worked its way up to the forefront of education and scientific research.

  • *

    19% of Public University Students

    13,5% of Private University Students

    3 public universities and more than 30 educational institutions

    2 universities among top 100 Arab educational institutions in 2021

    2 private universities

    Dense network of private schools and institutes

    Various international institutions

  • 25% of national professional trainees

    105 accredited institutions

    More than 180 accredited vocational trainings

Unique Living Environment

Enjoying an oceanic climate, Casablanca-Settat Region offers a peerless quality of life while immersing in a rich cultural, sport and touristic dynamism.

  • twin


    Nightlife is particularly active compared to many other North African cities 

    The Moroccan exclusive experience reflects its multi-culturalism and diversity

  • tourisme


    1st national destination of different kinds of tourism ranging from medical, shopping, cruising and showrooms

    National and international prestigious touristic brands



    More than 200 dedicated cultural venues : theatres, libraries, museums, art galeries, movies and cultural centres, etc.

    Rich and diversified cultural events all year long

  • patrimoine

    Secular Heritage

    High-value historical heritage sites

    Unique ambiance imparted by ancient médinas and Kasbahs

    Architectural legacy and neo-Moroccan Art Deco 

  • shop


    Casablanca is the 1st shopping destination in Morocco

    Multiple commercial centres and malls consolidate the Region's tourism boost

  • Sports

    Ideal micro-climate for practising sport activities

    7 golf courses among the most beautiful in Africa

    Variety of clubs and sport schools