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The Casablanca-Settat RIC has made available for you a digital toolbox gathering an array of information and training portals to support you during your entrepreneurial journey.  
The suggested content consists of a large array of learning tools: operational guides, videos, simulators, chatbots, games, quizzes, case studies, etc.





Information Portals 




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    This digital platform compacts the main instruments of entrepreneurship support:   

        Multi-criteria Search (profile, life cycle and needs),


       Links to entrepreneurship ecosystem organizations,
    ●    Calendar of entrepreneurship-related events,
        Economic news,
        Entrepreneurship Glossary,
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    This portal is dedicated to guiding and attending Moroccan expatriate project holders:  


        Investment-related projects in Morocco
        Business ecosystem
        Regional potentialities
        Support, financing and attendance mechanisms

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    This portal joins start-up actors into one ecosystem:


         Information, support and referencing portal for start-ups
        Visibility and communication about offers made by initiative makers

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    Available portal to project holders interested in sole proprietorship status :


       Incentives and administrative procedures 


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    This portal is launched by Casablanca Stock Exchange for enterprise listing:


       Multimedia contents

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    A portal aiming to ease VSEs access to bank financing :


       A digital counter liaising you with banks
       A simplified canvas of business plans
       Possibility to choose one’s bank  
       Possibility to follow up online the progress of your financing request file



E-Learning Portals



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    « Moukawala Raqmya » platform provides a self-assessment tool for evaluating the digital maturity of Moroccan SMEs :

        Evaluation: Offering both express and comprehensive self-assessment paths
        Awareness: Raising awareness about the significance of digital transformation and its impact on business performance
        Support: Providing customized services and assistance to guide SMEs on their journey towards achieving digital maturity


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    This portal enables VSMEs to consult useful data through:


        Virtual e-learning academy
        Presentation of different “Maroc PME” programs (SMEs Moroccan programs)
    ●    Online support requests and follow up
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    This portal provides financial learning through :


        Teaching modules (treasury, financing, credit files, etc.)
        Case analyses
        Video clips 
        Games and quizzes


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    This digital platform is designed to train, inform and guide entrepreneurs by means of : 


       Operational guides (enterprise creation, financing, online marketing, etc.),
       Video clips


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    This platform compacts useful services and resources for entrepreneurs:  


        Courses (financing, taxing, procedures, etc.)
        Interactive webinars
        Live or replay videos
        Interactive forum


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    This portal provides entrepreneurs with teaching modules for their enterprise creation:


        Services rendered dedicated to expatriate Moroccans
        A documentation library
        Canvas (business plan, import/export, etc.)


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    This is a comprehensive digital platform offering a substantial catalogue of training modules in favor of enterprises (very small, small and medium enterprises and start-ups etc.):


       Courses awarding completion certificates
       Large array of modules: development, design, infrastructure, nets and cyber security, digital marketing, Data & Information architecture, digital transformation, etc.
       Video clips