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An Archetypal Industrial Dedication


Strongly connected to the big cities of the Region, Berrechid Province perfectly integrates into the regional economic dynamism and materializes an attractive environment at full expansion, particularly industry-wise.

To know more, please read the city's monograph here.



Historical Overview




Economic Assets



Two industrial major zones: Berrechid and Sahel

 Several industrial ecosystems: chemistry & para-chemistry, food industry, textile and leather, mechanics & metallurgy, electric & electronic industry

Berrechid Ecopark: 60 ha, first industrial park in Africa to be awarded the HQE certification (Haute Qualité Environnementale) in 2015

 New industrial parks in partnership with MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation) to expand Had Soualem zone and develop a new industrial zone in Sahel Lakhyayta





sidi rahal


Its coastline was awarded the “Blue Flag” certification for its clean beaches along Sidi Rahal and Soualem Trifia municipalities

Various parks and green areas

Investment opportunities in hotel facilities and tourist attractions



203 000 ha of arable agricultural land (17% of regional arable area)

Cultivation of cereals (wheat, barley, corn), legumes (23% of regional production), market gardening

Vast zones of pastureland and appropriate setting for animal husbandry (sheep, cattle, caprine)


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