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The Region's Green Lungs


Open to the Atlantic Ocean, Benslimane spans between two metropoles : Casablanca and Rabat, and abounds with natural and human important potentialities. Due to its rich woods, rocky legacy and beachfront assets, Benslimane embraces at the same time high-scale agricultural and touristic areas. One of its aspirations is to bring to light its academic dedication by concretizing an ambitious project of 100 ha university compound.  



Historical Overview



Economic Assets




Bouznika industrial zone and Benslimane Economic Activity Zone (ZAE)

Food industry, chemistry and para-chemistry in top of key sectors  

Rehabilitation project of Bouznika industrial zone over 30 ha





Favorite destination for green, beachfront and medical tourism, accommodating 3 golf courses and an international youth center in Bouznika

Forests : stretching over more than 57 000 ha, its green wilderness incites trekking/hiking, horseback riding, running, athletics, acrobatic climbing, etc. 

Beaches : stretching over 35 km, known worldwide for their beauty. Bouznika, Dahomy and Essanaoubar beaches regarded among the most relished ones in Morocco by their diving and nautical sport stations 

Tourist sites: Bouznika’s Kasbah, El Mansoria Kasbah, Ouad Maleh artificial lake, Ouad N’fifikh, Ain Dakhla




→  Large arable areas: 56% of the region  

Fertile soil and important rainfall rate

 Several agricultural zones: the littoral zone specialized mainly in truck farming, viticulture, cattle husbandry, central zones specialized in cereals and animal husbandry



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