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February 2007

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Casainvest 2.0: platform of promotion and e-services for the investors and businessmen

Welcome to the new portal of the investment of the Grand Casablanca. Here you will find:

1-A space of promotion of the potentialities of our region which set up a strategy of economic development based on sectoral territorial offers.

Redouane Assakhen named at the head of the department "Creation of firms"

Redouane ASSAKHEN was named on February 7th of this year at the head of the department « Creation of firms » of the Regional Centre of Investment of the Grand Casablanca in return for of Aziz Alami Ghouraftei.

The Grand Casablanca makes its advocacy to a deputation of French-speaking journalists

When the RCI of the Grand Casablanca sets forward the economic potential and the opportunities of investment of the big metropolis.

The Grand Casablanca promotes the economy of its region at the level of gulf countries

The RCI of the Grand Casablanca organized a trip of press during 4 days on the region of the grand Casablanca for the journalists representing arab-speaking mass media of gulf countries.


  TELECOMP Morocco [From 01/04/2008 Till 04/04/2008]

International exhibition of Telecommunications and the Technology of Computer science:

  Marocotel on 2008 [From 13/03/2008 Till 15/03/2008]

International exhibition of the Professional Equipment for Hotel business and Restoration.

  Immo Pro 2008 [From 04/02/2008 Till 29/02/2008]

3rd edition of the real estate market.

Mohamed Lakhlifi, Deputy Managing Director GA LOGICA CMG

The choice of Casablanca has imposed itself when we decided to accelerate our offshore development in Morocco. Our goal of reaching 500 people before 2010 requires coverage of this area.



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